Friday, October 10, 2008

Bye, Bye, Kids!

Last night I said 'good-bye' to the kids! It was the fund raiser/banquet for Hope Pregnancy Center. They held a silent auction for the dolls, around 30 of them. The bids were started at $50 per doll. The twins started at $100. The auction started before the meal and ended after the speaker. From what we saw the dolls sold for any where from $85 to $500. It was fun watching my two and my sister Deanna's doll.

A co-worker of Deanna's daughter was bidding on hers. Funny thing is that Deanna had named her doll after her own daughter, Heather Lynn. But the name was changed by someone to Heather Grace. The woman bidding on the doll was wanting it for her 7mo daughter, Grace!! And she did have the winning bid, $155. It was meant to be!!!

After the meal I checked on the twins and saw that a couple that I have known for years (his crew did our woodwork in our new house 21 years ago.)were bidding on them for their daughter who wanted them for her children. After a little competition they won with a bid of $250. I was glad to know who they were going home with.

It's tempting to design another pair of dolls for myself. These were such beautiful dolls. (gosh, I look like a dear in the headlights in this pic.)

This is Angie and her dad, Micheal.
Thanks for taking the kids home!!!

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