Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ian's Getting His Wings!

Yesterday Tim and I came down to Enid, Oklahoma with his parents to celebrate our nephew Ian getting his 'wings'. He is stationed at Vance Air Force Base. And he has been assigned to fly F15's. Pretty much a fighter plane. Something like $5o million. All I can say is 'wow'!!

We are so proud of Ian. And we are so glad we could make the trip for him. There are eight of us(plus baby Jacob) here today with a few more family and friends coming to help Ian celebrate.

Today we went on tours of various parts of the base! We ended up skipping a few things because of the wind and temperature. I thought going 690 miles south of Minnesota would be warmer!!! (Not today.)

One tour was of the simulators the pilots use. Tim and Ian's dad took a try at flying.

These are the finished (felted) slippers for Ian. Air Force colors. The grey color is yarn from sheep that Ian's parents raised(years ago) in Minnesota. I thought he would like a touch of home.

Off to bed now! Sounds like we have a long day tomorrow.......
LOTS more pictures to come......

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Randi & Nick said...

Yay, Ian! I wish I was there!