Sunday, October 26, 2008

An Evening of Honor!!

Friday evening truly was an evening of honor.
Not only did we honor Ian for all he has accomplished
but we also honored family, friends, traditions and our country!
Ian is a true man of honor.
We could see how his fellow servicemen respect him
and what a great leader and friend he is to them.

Four generations of McLaughlin's! Gma and Gpa Mac,
their son Denny, Denny's children Ian and Claire
and Claire's son Jacob. (It appeared that we
had the oldest and youngest family members at the celebration.)

Vance AFB is only about 4 miles outside of Enid.

Claire and Ian!
A tradition in the Air Force is to break
a pair of 'wings' and to give one half to someone.
Ian gave half of his wings to his sister Claire during
the banquet Friday evening. It was a touching moment
for all of us to share with them. Claire spent four years
in the Air Force as a nurse.

A music/slide video was shown of the 19 members of Ian's class.
And this led into the awards.....

...of which Ian won 3 or 4!!
He received one that is one of the oldest
awards in the Air Force. (Can't remember the name of it.)

Ian(370) and his fellow award winners!!

Lila!!! The bartender at the Officers Club!
She says she has the best job in the world!

Lila help the guys figure out what needed to
be mixed with Jag to have the honor of being
named "370"!!!!

TO IAN AND CLASS 09-01!!!!


And I still need to find out where Ian got the idea to
take his white formal military issue shirt and have
airplane fabric replace the sleeves and back!!
What FUN!! He actually got the fabric at WalMart!!

We helped Ian and his friends celebrate (late into the evening.)
Tim, me, Ian's mother Marcie, and his uncle Gary.

Saturday morning 'goodbye's'!!
Tim's parents and us took off for home about 10:30
for our 12 hour trip home.
This trip to Oklahoma is one I will never forget.
Congratulations, Ian!!
When's the next party?!!!!

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