Thursday, October 16, 2008

What's on My Ottoman!

Do you have a 'my chair'? Mine has an ottoman which usually has what I'm working on on it!
Wednesday evening I finished knitting the slippers on the left, they just need to be felted now. They are for our nephew who is getting his 'wings' at Vance AF Base in Oklahoma next week. Tim and I are going down with his parents for all the festivities! No, he doesn't have really big feet, they'll shrink about a third when I felt them.
And laying on the slipper is one finished sock for myself, the second one is on the needles. I'm using the Monkey Sock pattern from This is the second pair I'm making with this pattern.
And there is also my shopping list! Which is two days old, I hope to get it taken care of today. Have a great weekend.

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