Sunday, January 11, 2009


My sweet, adorable, beautiful, sophisticated daughters!! What did you think your mom would do with a picture you take with her camera!!???
Monkey Arms Megan does a good job with those 'self portraits'!!

Definitely blog worthy!!!

Eli is 6 weeks old now.....he has changed so much in the two weeks since we saw him last!!

Nick, Randi and Eli!

Nothing like baby toes!!

We had a 'Sip n' See' on Saturday for some friends and neighbors to meet Eli!! He did well with all the strangers! We got a firm babysitting offer too! We'll be calling Anita!!!

"All this 'visiting' is wearing me out!"


Christi Snow said...

awww, he is just so beautiful! the photo of the girls too! smiles..

Susan said...

Great pictures Karen! Love them all. I simply adore photos of little baby "parts" ... feet, hands, chubby cheeks ... just so perfect!

joslyn said...

this cracks me up. my sis and i always do that with my moms camera! lol.