Sunday, January 18, 2009


As I was signing into my blog I noticed that there is a running tally of how many posts I have done. Never noticed it before!! Well, it said 99. It's taken me a while to get to 100 but on the other hand it's 100 memories!

This weekend was the first time in a year or 2 that we have been able to ride snowmobile around here! We went with a few friends on Saturday and rode around the New London area. We are so fortunate to have great trails right out our back door!
We were going to ride with a sister of mine and her family today but it didn't work out so we are hoping for more snow and we'll try again in a couple of weeks. So today Tim and I went on our own. We rode from home to a trail about 10 miles north. We rode through an area called the 'Florida Hills' and through Sibley State Park.
Then we stopped in Spicer to check out the Ice Castle progress. I took this picture yesterday. Had my camera with today, took a couple of pictures, so I thought. Then realized that I forgot my memory card in my laptop. When we got to the lake they were still cutting ice blocks and sending them up out of the water on an old conveyor. To watch the process is amazing. With just the hum of a few engines, the beautiful aqua colored 900 pound blocks get set into place and in a few days they have a wall of a castle. These volunteer's will have put in over 400 man hours to construct the castle for Spicer's Winter Fest. Hopefully I'll be able to get a picture of the finished Castle so I can post a picture! It was a gorgeous day out. The bank in Spicer said 31 degrees(which was perfect for the castle volunteers)! We then headed home, time to relax and get ready for a new work week. Hope you all have a good one!!

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Christi Snow said...

Congratulations on your 100th, Karen!! smiles...