Sunday, January 25, 2009

Time With Eli!!!

Tim and I went to the Cities for the weekend! If the weather had been warmer we had thought about going to the Pond Hockey tournaments. So instead on Saturday Randi and I did a little shopping, and later Nick and Tim went to a college hockey game(Nick works some light when there is a score)! While they were gone Randi showed me how her and Eli do 'baby yoga'! Then Tim and I stayed with Eli while Randi and Nick went to their neighbors for a party. Then on Sunday, after we went to St.Paul for brunch(St.Paul has some of the best home town cafes!) and Target for baby supplies, Tim and Nick went ice skating and passed a puck around. Randi and Nick also got a quick bath in for Eli after he had a full diaper issue!!
Randi and I did a 'photo' session with Eli while the guys were gone! I mainly used my old 35mm film camera but caught this picture of Eli and his 'mommy' on my digital. I love how he is looking at her!
Also got a few shots of Eli during a nap...... his little hand....can even see a few fuzzy's in his hand!
I had brought along my sewing machine so I could sew this baby sling for Randi. She had been looking at this style for a while and I was able to find a patten on line HERE! It'll be handy when she needs to get things done around the house and compact enough to carry in the diaper bag all the time.
Then a quick picture with Gma and Gpa before they head home!! I would have liked a retake since my hair wasn't where I like it to be...I ended up going for a massage for my lower back (we had bed issues during the night, made it hard getting up!!) but the massage and Nick's stretching routine pretty much fixed the problem.(Just not the hair!) It'll be a couple of weeks and we'll go back to the Cities for Eli's baptism! He changes so much so quickly that we hope we can continue seeing him that often......

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Susan said...

That picture of Eli looking at Randi NEEDS to be in a frame somewhere ... just too adorable. Oh, and I think your hair looks fine! I understand what you mean though ... we all have ones we want do-overs on! :)